What a Pocketful World

The last name "Padgett" is not the easiest word for anyone to comprehend as a last name. Many adults botch it up--particularly labeling us as "Pageant." It's not particularly adorable. What is adorable, however, is our friends' daughter who refers to Anna as "Pocket." Imagine it. You can't do it without smiling.

All of this leads us to some fantastic news. We are making the world a more "pocketful" place. That is; we are pregnant. In true "The As Have It"-style, we are doing things differently. You see, we've always favored things in pairs: shoelaces, crutches, knitting needles, handcuffs. As it turns out, children are on that list as well. Twins y'all.

So, while we've been quiet on our blog for a while, we have come out of our vow of silence to announce this news. We are . . . in a word . . . stoked. Anna is doing well, and I am handling it like a champ (thanks for asking).

We are looking forward to meeting the new Pockets, Pageants, or whatever.

Photo Notes: The picture above was licensed by the Flickr user HeatherW through the Creative Commons license. Terrific shot.

Family Discussion Points: Can you imagine having a paunch pocket where you stick your offspring? Do you think the pictured joey is uncomfortable? Does the joey's leg sticking out of the pouch remind you of those disgusting footling breech pictures in the baby/pregnancy books?