That was a baby picture of Austin yesterday. Austin and Asa look a lot alike.

Sweet smile

Peek a boo

Asa is a real mover in his crib, which leads to him bumping his head, arms, legs. So we put up breathable bumpers, since he also likes to sleep right up close to the side. After a nap I come in to find him peeking over the bumper. He is so funny, just gave me a big grin.

Toe grabbing

I LOVE this toe grabbing stage! So cute and Alden does it all the time.

Copper and Wool

On August 27, 2005, Anna and I were joined by a big group of friends and family on a bluff overlooking the Tennessee River. While there, Anna and I made promises to one another and exchanged rings that we still wear today.

I wish I had kept a newspaper from that day to remember some more of the details. It would help to paint the picture. It was hot and humid, and there were a few clouds in the sky. I would have hoped that I could remember every detail about the Earth’s rotations, ebbs, and flowings that day, but I don’t.

Instead, I have very particular memories about people and feelings about that day—probably like you do about the best days in your life.

I remember my brother, Gary, T, and me searching for the key to the house that we were staying in (I don’t remember if we ever found it).

I remember hugging each of my buddies that made the trip to be in my wedding. I remember my voice cracking at one point during the ceremony, and I distinctly recall promising my soon-to-be mother-in-law that I would take care of her daughter and feeling that she actually believed me.

But, most of all, I remember Anna making her appearance from across the green and the way I felt. It was so strange to be in front of two hundred or so of my favorite people on the planet and feel like no other person was around but the white-adorned beauty slowly floating towards you. There are other memories (admittedly, most of the day is a blur), but none of them as easily recalled and felt to this day as that one.

Seven years have now passed since that day. We recently visited the place where we were married. There is still a slight wind that constantly twists across the bluff, and the grass is still slightly worn where others have no doubt stood and made the same sort of promises we did. But in our most recent visit, I had the opportunity to walk with Anna across that same green from seven years ago—this time with our children in tow. There are some things you will never forget.

Happy anniversary, Anna.


I try to get the babies in their cribs, for naps and night, before they crash, but it doesn't always work. I love the way Alden puts her hands over her face.


This picture is from our monitors. Addy went to check on the babies after we put them down for the night. She is a sweetie!!


Peas are a hit!

Baby doll

Alden has acid reflux and takes Prevacid once a day. We give it to her mixed with milk in a tiny medicine bottle. The bottle is so small it looks like a baby doll bottle and when she sucks it stays in her mouth making her look like a baby doll.


The babies have moved up to sitting in the stroller.


The babies are eating. We just purchased high chairs and baby food making equipment, and are ready to go. It is such fun watching them learn and explore this new skill. They have only tried rice cereal so far. Looking forward to seeing their reactions to different foods. Looks like peas and bananas are on the menu for this week, yum!

My guys


Don't you all love how creative I am with the titles? :)

The trip continued

We drove back through Birmingham on our way to Mentone, and got to visit with Mrs. Lynda, our dear friend and pianist from Samford. The babies were introduced to a lot of family and friends while we were in Mentone. Hope to get some of those pictures up from our real camera. All around the trip was a success and it was wonderful to see everyone!!

Happy 65th Anniversary

Austin's grandparents celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary this year. The entire family was able to get together for pictures, food, and fellowship. It was great for the babies to meet everyone. I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures but caught a few. We enjoyed seeing all of you!!

Tour continues ...

We made a quick stop in Birmingham and had lunch with my dear friend Heather.