The babies love playing on the piano. Asa goes over to play at least once a day.

Coming home

Austin calls to let us know when he's on his way home. I will hold a baby or both babies up to the window, so they can see him drive up and wave to him. I was a little off on my timing yesterday, which made both babies upset. I sat them in their high chairs so they could wait and watch.

Favorite picture

This is one of my favorite pictures. Austin took and sent it to me while I was at Church.

Weekends are best

We LOVE spending our weekends together!


We have been staying home since we got back from our Christmas trip south, per doctor's orders. The babies have had ear infections and if they get another we will have to see an ENT about tubes. Yesterday we broke out for a short walk in our warm fuzzy coveralls.


As you've seen, Asa is pulling up. He is so excited and proud that he pulls up immediately upon being put in his crib. We have been working on the sitting from standing skill but it is currently only at a thirty percent usage rate. Instead, at nap time, he stands and screams because he can't get down. I go put him down only for him to pull back up. Today I let it play out. (This blog app on my phone does not allow me to post pictures in my desired order.) So here is what happened, he fell asleep standing up, sat down and continued sleeping, then I went in and laid him on down.

When you're hungry...

Well... you're hungry:)

And so it begins

Today, right before afternoon nap time, as I was changing Alden, Asa figured out how to stand up in his crib. He did take a nap, but woke up early to practice his new skill, while Alden slept peacefully, and I watched nervously. And so it begins...:)

Sick days

The babies caught my cold :(, so we have been staying home and resting. Even feeling poorly they give occasional smiles. It gets a little tricky when two babies want to be in your lap at the same time. Both are pulling up, and taking those tentative baby steps (with Austin or me holding both hands).