Are We Getting Any Sleep?

March can only be so mad before the back of your eyelids find you again.

And How Is Addy?

People continue to ask how the dog is adjusting to the babies.  Quite nicely, in fact.  She is business as usual with making sure the mailman/woman earns every dollar for coming to visit our door.  When we feed in the middle of the night, Addy seems self-obliged to get up with us and sit between us while we feed.  She will also stand up on her hind legs to look into the crib and watch the twins.  Here are some pictures so Addy doesn't feel left out [Note: The bottom picture is evidence that Addy has adopted the "sleep when the babies sleep" principle]:

So Sleepy Together

We are not complaining--these are some sleepy babies.  I'm sure things will change more quickly than we can expect, but these little guys are experts in catching some Zs and general chilledness:

Coming Home II

Following up on yesterday's post, here are a few more pictures from the twins' first day at home--including their "coming home" outfits:

Coming Home

It is hard to believe it has been one week since we were discharged from the hospital (We stayed Wednesday through Sunday).  We enjoyed having the help from the nursing staff, but there is nothing like being home.  Here are a few pictures from Asa and Alden's first day at home, where they honored the day of rest in an orthodox fashion:

Mama Bear

To complement the earlier "Proud Papa" post, here are some pictures of the magnificent mother and her band of sleepy babies:

And you should know that Addy is rocking the transition and going with the flow.

Basement Babycakes

A couple of years ago, I wrote this post about the cake I made for some friends who had babies on the way:

Long story short, I kept those baby doll limbs in a bag in the basement.  I had forgotten about the cake parts, so it was a nice find.  Now, I fully intend to make our own babycake to celebrate the babies' arrival.  I'm glad I posted about it a couple of years ago, because I may have otherwise forgotten how important the Funfetti cake mix is in executing the concept.

Proud Papa: Less Words, More Pictures

I am loving being a dad.  Two things I particularly love: (1) these babies and (2) creepin' on sleeping babies (see final picture in set).  Here are a few pictures from our days in the hospital: