Snow on Location

After the disastrous snow and ice in the few days before Arthur's birth, we had a second helping of snow here on the grounds of Padgett Manor and botanical gardens.  I got outside early that morning and snapped a few pictures to preserve a piece of history.  From the way the locals talk, we may never see this kind of whether again.

A Few of Asa

And here are some pictures of Asa.  Have I mentioned that we are working on silverware skills lately?


Some pictures of the lovely Alden:

Some More Arthur/Fun Facts

Did you know that a group of zebras is called a "dazzle?"  And a group of parrots goes by "pandemonium."  Anna and I like to think the former is more appropriate for a group of Padgetts.  Here are some more pictures of Arthur as a quick update.

There's Not a Word Yet

Long-time readers may remember a post titled "And How Is Addy?" that described how well Addy (our dog) was adjusting to the birth of the twins.  That seems to beg the question of how Alden and Asa are adjusting to life with a younger sibling.  Before we give you the answer, let's go to the kitchen, where the twins--and a strategically positioned Addy--sit as a captive audience while they eat dinner and enjoy the nightly show given by their mother and father.

It was during this time that we laid the groundwork for a new 'addition' by introducing them to the concept that Arthur was in Anna's tummy.

They seemed thrilled with the possibility that a baby was inside Anna, and, as they do with all of their toy babies, they insisted on giving Arthur kisses.

When the big day came, we knew we would need to make a formal introduction.  I've heard that dogs are often introduced outside of the home to avoid territorial issues, so I advocated for an in-hospital introduction.  And that is exactly what we did--after giving Arthur about 48 hours to get adjusted to his new world.  Anna was waiting at the door when we came wheeling around the corner.

Once inside, we made the introduction.

And welcoming kisses were given.

Once the initial surprise that a baby could just leap out of a mother's belly wore off, Alden and Asa realized they were in a new place with all sorts of new toys, wires, and gizmos.  To avoid to much exploration, we focused the attention on the hospital bed, which, because it is adjustable, is inherently amazing.

And that is how the twins were introduced and continue to behave towards young Arthur, with sweet fondness.  If you asked me to sum it up in one word, I would repeat to you a phrase sung by my favorite philosopher Gonzo: "There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met." 

Arrival: Arthur

Our son made his appearance extra uterum at 8:48 a.m. ET on February 2, 2014.  He held on through the big ice and traffic problems that plagued Atlanta earlier in the week.  Anna and baby are doing well.

There is a story to every birth--some with elaborate subplots and minor characters, extended timelines, or exotic locales.  But I do not want to recount Arthur's birth story until Anna and I have time to compare notes.  Still, we wanted to share some of the pictures from the exciting day with you.  A day that we will never forget.  There is more to come.  Much more.

May we introduce Arthur Graham Padgett: