Pea Pods

We are taking several family trips this summer, and I am in planning mood. (lots of lists to make traveling with two babies-good thing list making is my super power:) )While trying to decide where the babies will sleep on our journeys I came across these pea pods. They only weigh 5lbs and fold up into a nice little packages with a handle-love it. I have been having them nap in them so they get used to it, they seem to enjoy them.

Saturday morning fun

The babies love the morning time. We play and do exercises till they fall asleep at nine for a nap. Saturday mornings are especially fun because Austin is home. Austin is very entertaining...dancing, singing, etc. Here are pictures from this mornings fun.

Coordinating Outfits

I got it together today and coordinated their outfits. So.Much.Fun! Asa wanted to make sure you saw his guitar:)

Don't Look Down

I work on the 32nd floor of an office building. Simply put, it is a long way down to the street level. My office has large windows from floor to ceiling, and they require cleaning from time to time.

It is pretty clear that it takes a special breed to do this job, but all the crews that have passed by my office windows have been pleasant and always willing to give a big thumb up to let you know that, despite being one small accident from a newsworthy death, it is all good.

I like to think that, though these guys' business is maintaining a facade, their positive appearance goes much deeper than their weather-beaten smiles.

Parking and the World We Live In

Do you remember when Marty gets his "dream truck" in Back to the Future?  If you remember, he opens the garage at his parents' home and finds that sweet piece of Toyota goodness parked inside . . . at a strange angle:

It's a bold choice.  To get the money shot of the truck, it needs to be at a pitch inside the garage.  We can suspend our belief that someone would park a truck in such a ridiculous fashion because, after all, we've already had to accept that time travel takes place through a stainless steel car (not to mention the gull wing doors).  I could never believe that someone would actually park a truck like this.  But then I came upon this sight when going to my truck to come home from work:

No matter what your worldview, you probably think the world is filled with all sorts of evil and some bad folks.  I'm no optimist, but, if I was, this would have sent me over the edge.  Absolutely terrible.  I just don't want to live in a world where this abomination can take place.  Was the driver bothering anyone?  Admittedly, no.  There were plenty of parking spaces to go around.  Did the driver's parking take away from my own parking job?  Again, no.  I was free to park how I wanted, and I did so beautifully.  But the fact stands that this driver skirted around some arbitrary organizational lines drawn by the building manager and did it without any shame.  [shaking head]

HMD, Anna!

You're amazing, and we love you!  Love, Alden, Asa, and Addy!

Saturday at the mall

I'm always forgetting to take pictures when we go out. So here are some from our first mall trip with babies:). Austin was very impressed that we have not one but two brow waxing options at the mall and with the nice sitting area outside the ladies restroom to feed babies.

Alden smiles

Love seeing this beautiful smile on Alden, my baby doll.

Asa, loving life

Sometimes whilst doing things I look over and Asa has these beautiful smiles on his face, just loving life.

Two month check up, we are growing

Here are their measurements:

Weight 9lbs 9oz 2 months 20%
7lbs 10oz 1 month
5lbs 12oz Birth

Length 1ft 9.25in 2 months 13%
1ft 8in 1 month

Head 15.5in 2 months 68%
14.75in 1 month


Weight 13lbs 4oz 2 months 90%
9lbs 11oz 1 month
6lbs 13oz birth

Length 1ft 11.75in 2 months 75%
1ft 9.24in 1 month

Head 15.5in 2 months 50%
14.5in 1 month

Happy two months Asa and Alden!!

Alden smiles

We have been waiting with bated breath to see this precious smile. We have seen glimpses while she sleeps. These pictures are not the best and don't do her justice, but she smiles and I am one happily blessed momma!!