Six month stats

I know these are late, but here are the six month stats.

Weight 16lbs 4oz
Length 2ft 1.5 in
Head 17.5 in

Weight 20lbs 9oz
Length 2ft 4.5in
Head 17.25


Miss Alden has a tooth coming in, look hard for the little white spot. In true Padgett style she is going against the odds and not starting with the front teeth. :)

Guitar time

The babies love guitar time with Daddy. However, Asa is not a fan of the harmonica. He is a sensitive soul. I'm sure he will love it one day.

Happy Birthday, Addy!

Addy turned seven years old today. She brings us smiles and lots of cuddles.


Asa is wanting to crawl.

Happy six months, Asa and Alden!

Alden and Asa are six months old today. We are loving every minute with these two sweet babies!

Sitting up

We are working on their sitting skills. Thanks to Erin Harris for giving us tips for success! They are getting so close. One of the pictures is blurry but it's so funny!


Asa is mastering the bouncy. He can bounce, turn to different modules, and have fun mad scientist style. :)



Thank you for the cute outfit, Ross and Teresa!