Luckily we are now living close to a school for puppetry arts. :)

Kissing Addy

The twins LOVE Addy, and she does really well with them. They are learning to throw the ball for her and love showing her affection.


The twins having been doing a lot of pretending during play times lately. They like to pretend eat and feed whomever will allow. We have no dress up clothes...yet. So while I was folding laundry Alden pulled out a pillow case (special pillow case made by Kate Weber) and began wearing it and wanting to try different ways of dressing up. Here are a few pictures from the fun.

Best Dada

We hope you've had a great first day! Love you!

Best of friends

Things have been very busy for the A. Padgetts. We are now living in Atlanta! Today the twins and I went to order a king size bed (that's right we are upgrading:) ). The store was having computer issues, so I was trying to entertain Asa and Alden by handing them things from the diaper bag. Most of the fun was had by taking things from each other. But... at one point Alden reached over and hugged Asa, which he leaned into a gave his kiss sound. It was so sweet!! Here is what I was able to capture.