Thanks,Teresa, for taking our picture and letting us enjoy time with you and Ross at the pool!!!

Happy Memorial Day

We watched the parade, honored fallen soldiers, and went to the pool. Asa took a couple of steps on his own! Alden was all about the water, even though it was cold. Lovely day.


Even though the weather was bad, we had fun inside. We all enjoyed looking at the ocean.


We did take a windy stroll down the boardwalk.

Indoor pool

Alden loved the pool, she kicked her legs and tried to paddle. She also smiled at everyone she saw. Asa enjoyed the pool as well, with a bit of caution. Thanks for the cute swim suits, Bebo!

Myrtle Beach

We got back from a vacation to Myrtle Beach yesterday. The weather was rainy, windy and cold, so this was our only time on the beach. We had fun anyway.