Happy Birthday Alden and Asa

Again, I'm trying to play catch up:).      We made a fun paper obstacle course for their birthday. I wasn't sure what they would think about it but they loved going through it, and tearing it down. We had cupcakes with candles, which Alden immediately snuffed out with her fingers and Asa's lit candle made him cry. 

Side walk chalk

Sweet siblings

Everyday pics

As I am going through all these pictures it is reminding me of sweet Addy. She was always with us and loved a good photo bomb. The twins have been very sweet with Arthur, they love giving him kisses. 

Sweet sunlight

Alden and Asa really enjoy the back yard. This day they ran around and around holding hands, so sweet. 

Six weeks

Arthur entered the world through a c-section. That meant I could not pick up the twins for six weeks and needed a lot of help. Thankfully, Austin and I have the best Moms in the world and they traded out staying with us. Here are some pics from that time. 
I love this first pic where Addy is looking at Arthur. We miss her so much. She was so sweet to the children. She accepted Arthur right away. 


When we got home from the hospital the Olympics were on, which was great because no matter the hour there was something to watch. Austin really has the American spirit, and would proudly run around the house waving our big flag. Of course there was also time for sweet newborn snuggles. 

So we have a new baby...

Six months ago:). Things have been a bit busy around here. I'm going back six months to Arthur's birth and will try to catch up. These are pictures from the hospital. Arthur has been a sweet, cuddly, lovable guy from the start. 

Losing Addy

On  July 2, 2014, our sweet dog Adelaide Macaroni Padgett succumbed to a disease that stripped her away from us too quickly.  We are not sure exactly what got her because it moved through her body so quickly, but, whatever it was, it could not have chosen a more innocent victim.  We miss her terribly, and our house--as energized as it is with three small children--has a certain feeling of emptiness.

If you look through our blog. you will see many posts about Addy and her various activities.  For Pete's sake, she co-wrote on this blog in the From the Floor series (e.g., see here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here).  As you might expect from her prodigious output, you will also see her pop up in pictures throughout our blog that weren't Addy-centric.  In short, she was one of us and often set the tone for our time as a family, and it is difficult to adequately convey the depth of our loss.

We got Addy as a puppy in 2005, only a couple of months after Anna and I were married.  She went nearly everywhere with us, and she knew (or at least met) all of our friends.  As I posted on Facebook, if you had the chance to spend time with Addy, you experienced a bit of the best this life has to offer.  In her final conscious moments, I thanked her for giving more love than she took out of the world.  I hope you, dear reader, had the chance to experience her kisses or sweet snuggles.

We will certainly share more pictures and stories about our sweet Addy--as we hope we can use this blog to help preserve memories for our children and ourselves.  For now, we are sad and dealing with the acute pain and immediate change that comes with the death of a family member.  If there is a life after this one, I hope we can reunite with our sweet girl, our beautiful Addy.

She is loved and missed.

The Western Wall

Our backyard has a rock wall that sits in direct sunlight in the afternoons.  After the stones heat up, the family(ies) of lizards living behind the rocks emerge to bathe.

The twins love looking for lizards, but they have conflicting feelings about whether to try to touch them or not.  Addy dog has no such conflicts; lizards must be removed from the property forever.  Here are a few shots of the kids enjoying the wall and reminding Addy that she is still their #1 non-human around.