Happy Halloween

From two little monkeys:)


This was taken at nap time. Addy came in, sending Asa into giggles.

Mum mums

The babies both enjoy mum mums, easy to hold and dissolves in mouth.

Sippy Cups

I let the babies try water in sippy cups. Alden took a few sips and Asa enjoyed throwing it around.


Um...are you suppose to be able to do this already?


I love watching them explore their world and learn new things. They love stealing each others toys. :)

Sweet guys

Austin tries to make it home in time to see babies and help put them to bed. It's a win for everyone; I get help, babies love to play with him, and he gets sweet sleepy snuggles.

Piano six hands


Asa and Alden are starting to enjoy playing together. I put Alden in the bouncy and Asa rolled over to see her.

Happy seven months!

The babies are seven months old today! They are sitting up with some toppling over and scooting backwards. We are having such fun!



I actually love their serious faces too. What can I say I'm pretty crazy about these two.


Addy does not discriminate in her love of socks to steal - baby or adult. Here she is with a baby's sock.