In the crib

These were all taken from our security camera/baby monitor. I think they have figured out that they are being watched.


The babies had spaghetti for the first time and it was a big hit.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Super Dad

This is difficult with two eleven month olds. I was very impressed.


Since mom won't be here on their actual Birthday, she gave the babies their presents early. Thank you!!

My nephew, Devin, also came to help out. He was really good with the babies. Thanks for all the help!

Eleven months

It's hard to believe our babies turn one in a month. I'm a day late with the eleven month pictures, oops.

No lifting

Last week I had my gallbladder removed and a hernia fixed, leaving me unable to lift the babies for two weeks. My mom has graciously been here helping. I'm healing well and sure to be back in full swing soon.

Asa is not fond of having his face washed. So mom gave him the wash cloth to wash her face, he thought that was awesome.

Baby talk

Yesterday the babies woke up from their nap, pulled up, and had a nice chat and laugh.

Alden pulling up

Alden has been contemplating pulling up in her crib for sometime now. She's been pulling up on us for a while. Today she pulled up in the crib. I have been wanting to catch this moment on camera, so here are the many attempts and the success. She is very flexible and she often goes from standing to sitting by doing the splits. She also gets very excited when she pulls up and starts a wiggle dance , which often leads to involuntary sitting.