Happy Birthday, Austin!

Austin, I'm so glad you were born :). I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. You are funny, kind, smart, and loving. You are an amazing dad! Hope you feel the love today!


We had a lovely visit with Grandma Nancy! The babies are throughly loved on and spoiled. Thanks for coming to visit, we love you!


Tis the season...thank you Bebo and Papa!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Austin's reign as turkey king continues, it was delicious! Happy first thanksgiving babies! And a happy thanksgiving to each of you!


The weather has been beautiful here the last few days. Austin's mom, Grandma Nancy, is visiting for Thanksgiving and the babies are loving all the extra attention. We tried out our jogging stroller on a few walks.


Coordinating outfits-easy, coordinating smiles-not as easy. :)


The babies and I went outlet shopping with our friend Debby. On our way out we saw this fun train.


We went to Sam's yesterday where the carts can hold two babies. Asa decided Alden needed some help and kept grabbing her coat. They smiled and chatted their way through the store. :)


The Highlands got our babies these precious warm coveralls. We love them! First, they are super warm and soft, second, they go over their normal clothes and cover their hands and feet, third, they are so cute!!! Today we wore them to a play date. When i first put them on the babies look at me like "this is too hot", but once outside in the cold air "ah, perfect". Thank you, Highlands!!!!


The babies are eating finger foods. Here they are trying pasta.


Our friend Debby sings with the Junior League of Cincinnati. They performed for a group at our neighbor Church (St. Thomas) on Wednesday, and the babies and I were able to stroll over and watch. They did a fun broadway review, and Debby did great on her solo. We sat in the back, so some of the pictures are blurry because I tried to zoom in with my camera phone. The babies did great, they love music.

Two front teeth

Asa has two front bottom teeth and is working on more.


Thanks for the warm hats and coats, Bebo!


As you can imagine, shopping with two babies can be a challenge. There were three options before this week-1. strap a baby to me and put the other in the cart in his/her carseat (leaving little room for items) 2. push both a cart and a stroller 3. Austin comes along (by far my favorite option, but sometimes the shopping can't wait, plus who wants to spend your weekend running errands?). Now that the babies can sit up, I can put one in the front of the cart and strap one to me, it's so much easier! Here are a couple of pictures of Asa in the cart like a big boy. I haven't tried Alden out yet, since she is the lightest I usually strap her to me.


Sometimes the best naps are in church:).

Osh kosh and bama

Thank you to Grandma Nancy and Bebo for our ensemble. I'll let you figure out who the osh kosh is from and who the Alabama slippers are from:). We love you!


There is a wonderful invention called boon baby spoon. You put baby food in, squeeze out desired amount onto the attached spoon which has a cover. Thank you, Tracy Gonsior for this brilliant gift!! It is wonderful for travel. I used it yesterday to feed babies on the floor instead in a high chair and Asa couldn't stop laughing.