A few of my favorite baby things

In no particular order:
1. Their cheeks! They both have the most kissable big cheeks.
2. Bath time, clean babies, and oh the sweet smell.
3. All the faces they make.
4. When they look at each other. It is a "hey, I know you" look.
5. Watching Austin with them, precious! He is an amazing Dad and they love him.
6. Snuggling, two babies in your lap, it just doesn't get any better.
7. Figuring out our "new normal"- necessity is the mother of invention.
8. Their little tiny clothes.
9. Learning their personalities.
10. Family music time. Austin breaks out an instrument (piano, guitar, etc) and we sing.

What are your favorite things?

I mustn't leave you without a picture or two :)

Long days end

All the babies love Daddy! (And yes, Addy's paws are green, she loves to play in the freshly mown grass.)

Eating together

We have the babies on an eating schedule, which is a great proactive approach. Most of the time when it is just me here I can feed one, then the other. However, there are times when they both want to eat...two crying babies. So I have devised a way to feed them both at the same time...no crying babies. Below is a picture of just that sort of feeding. Asa is holding Alden's foot in the picture.

Sister Lands First Punch

She may be smaller, but she has speed and sheer intuition in the ring.  Look out, fellas!

More Pictures

They were less than enthused with this round of pictures.  Asa likes to eye me suspiciously.  He is starting to get the muscle to back up his threatening glances.

Happy Due Date/Welcome to the Jungle

Happy due date, babies!  We've got fun and games.  We recently broke out the activity floor mat to break up the crib-feed-crib routine.

Asa loved it:

Alden . . . not so much . . .

Until I entered the jungle of flamboyant swinging monkeys as well . . .

Then all was right with the world again.  Let this be a season of peace amongst babies and suspended elephants.

Picture Catch-up

Way behind on posting pictures.  More to come.