Fun times

Daddy is very entertaining. :)

Coordinating cuteness part two

Grandma Nancy sent us these adorable outfits, thank you!

Coordinating cuteness

Thank you Zajkowskis for our coordinating outfits! We can't wait to see you guys soon!
Bebo and Papa we love our matching hats!

Gear Fest

Sweet water sound, a top music retail store, holds gearfest once a year In Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have speakers come in and sales on various equipment. This is our second year to attend, and first year with babies. We took the scenic route out (see rainbow and beautiful sunset pictures below). We also took the babies to the pool. The water was a little chilly but the babies didn't seem to mind.


It is always good to get back home.


The babies were real troopers with all the driving and new environments. They are some sweet babies.

Massachusetts part 2

Austin was sworn into the Massachusetts bar while in Boston. Congrats, Austin!! We are so proud of you and all your hard work!


We headed down to Boston and got to hang with the Harris Family. We were hoping to get to meet the newest addition to the family (since Erin was almost 2 weeks overdue) but baby Josie decided to wait till we left. Looking forward to meeting her! Ella is going to be a great big sister. She held both our babies and even sang Alden a song to make her feel better.

New Hampshire

After the conference we headed to New Hampshire. For those who don't know, Austin attended law school in Concord, NH. We were able to visit some dear friends we made while living there. Because our visit was short we didn't get to see everyone-so we will have to catch you next trip:). It is wonderful to have friendships that survive time and distance.
I am kicking myself for my lack of picture taking. I guess I was having too much fun to take pictures. I did however manage to get a few pictures of our favorite local businesses- Quilted Threads is a wonderful quilt shop, it dazzles the eye, and sparks creativity (quilting is on my lists of things I want to learn) plus it is run by one of my favorite people. Granite State Chocolate has a milk chocolate that is a little smoky and oh so good. Bread and Chocolate is what it says and it is delicious.

Happy Father's Day, Austin!

You are a great dad, and we love you so much! Love, Alden, Asa, and Addy

First swim

The copyright conference was at a very nice resort with a sweet pool. We decided this would be a great place for a first swim. We wanted to take many pictures of this event but with two babies, water, and a camera things get difficult. However, there was a kind lady who took our picture and emailed it to us, yay! The babies are in coordinating pineapple bathing suits, so adorable-thanks Bebo (my mom). The adventure continues...