My mom came for a short visit, and the twins loved the spoiling:). Thank you for coming to see us, love you!!


We took the twins out for pizza last weekend, turns out they were not fans. I'm guessing it was the unfamiliar environment or time of day or something, because every kid loves pizza, right?
Asa was very laid back in his bottle drinking, funny guy! Alden was her charming self:).

Don't worry...

I got your back.

Play time

Thank you for the cute outfits Grandma Nancy!

Children's Musuem

Austin and I took the kids to the children's museum here in Cincinnati. The mirror with bar was their favorite part.

My boys at the park

We have a small playground here in Terrace Park. We took the babies for some sliding. Alden and I slid too just forgot to get a photo, but here are Austin and Asa.

Happy Easter

Grandma Nancy got the twins these adorable Easter outfits. We took better pictures with the real camera but you'll have to deal with the phone pics for now. These two are on the move:).